Jen is a Partner in the Landed Estates team.

Advising on a wide range of complex tax and trust matters, Jen helps families to agree arrangements for succession planning, inheritance tax mitigation, wealth protection, wills and guardianship, life interest and discretionary trusts, settled land act settlements, overseas assets, powers of attorney and probate.

For over 12 years, Jen has worked with landed estates, agricultural families, business owners and individuals with significant personal wealth.

Recent examples of how Jen has supported clients include:

  • advising the executors on the administration of a complex and high value estate, with assets in different countries and multiple beneficiaries;
  • structuring the ownership of assets to maximize the availability of business property relief in regard to inheritance tax planning for a family with an owner-managed - business to ensure the safe transfer of assets from one generation to the next; and
  • structuring the ownership of a client's assets to achieve the most advantageous position in relation to entrepreneurs' relief and incorporation relief.