Victoria is a Partner in the Conveyancing team.

Victoria undertakes transactions on behalf of banks and building societies, regional institutional lenders, national and regional estate agents, and brokers.

Victoria’s focus is on efficient case management, using technology to speed up transaction times and create efficiencies in the conveyancing process, improving ease of communication between lenders, clients, and their lawyers, on the progress of transactions.

Victoria plays an active role in developing the strategy, technical and compliance elements of legal processing software, for example working with lenders, the Land Registry and the UK Government to improve the transaction process through digital signing of mortgage deeds for remortgaging.

Recent examples of how Victoria has helped clients include:

  • improving efficiency, mitigating risk of human error and potential fraud for lenders by developing dynamic property transaction software that allows customers to key-in information online avoiding re-entry of information by conveyancing staff, and enabling rapid cross-checking and data transfer;
  • improving transaction technology for lenders in order to scale up capacity rapidly with evolving demand, seasonally or in response to events; and
  • facilitating transactions for purchasers and sellers by creating conformity across the property industry in England and Wales through the introduction of standardised property managing forms for property managers to complete.