Daniel is a Partner in the Commercial team.

He provides support on and drafts transactional and operational agreements for aircraft, including wet and dry leases, charters and sale and purchase agreements.  These include complex ownership agreements with financing and security, as well as long-term, short-term and emergency leases.

After a secondment within the aviation team of a leading logistics company and having spent many years in aviation litigation, he is familiar with the aircraft industry, its risk profile and potential triggers for commercial disputes.  He understands market standards and industry norms which helps companies ensure they do not take on risk which is outside of their control or “off-market”. In addition, he has worked with numerous parts companies in the aircraft supply chain and negotiates agreements for sale, lease, exchange, repair or power-by-the-hour.

His clients include private owners; aircraft, engine or parts lessors and lessees; brokers, airlines, and charter companies; parts supply and repair businesses; and any business involved in aviation finance or operations.  Private clients include ultra-high-net-worth individuals.  Commercial clients include Royal Aero GmbH, LHI Leasing GmbH, Eirtrade Aviation Ireland Limited, Avtrade Limited, AJW Group, Air Charter Service and Texel Air.

Recent examples of how Daniel has supported clients include:

  • conducting the purchase and finance of an AW139 helicopter for a wealthy individual, liaising with counsel in the Isle of Man in relation to ownership structure and aircraft management;
  • negotiating a contract for the bespoke design and fit-out of an Airbus private jet, in circumstances where quality, security and confidentiality were critical;
  • advising a parts supply company on a multi-million-pound airline component supply, logistics and support contract;
  • completing all stages of the purchase and transfer of ownership of the lease of a passenger aircraft and consecutive conversion agreements, before the aircraft was sent to USA for conversion to a freighter and leased to a cargo airline; and
  • advising on the consignment and teardown contract for the third A380 coming out of service and to be torn down for spares, as covered in The Irish Times.