Emma is a Partner in the Knights Legal Network team.

Emma is the first point of contact for law firms who are interested in becoming part of the Knights Legal Network.

Knights Legal Network provides smaller or niche legal practices with support and access to specialist expertise that they may not have in-house.  Membership of the network means that firms can provide their clients with all the legal support that they require, reducing the risk that a client might seek advice elsewhere.

Emma's role is to develop fruitful working relationships with members of the network, and to ensure that they and their clients receive the right advice at the right time - be it legal advice or from another professional.

Emma also builds links with other professional advisors or businesses who can provide support to Knights Legal Network member firms and their clients.

Recent examples of how Emma and the Knights Legal Network have supported clients include:

  • enabling a family solicitor to support a senior teacher, by calling in a specialist to defend the client regarding a serious disciplinary offence;
  • ensuring a local Cotswold solicitor was able to dispose of an established client’s landed estate; and
  • obtaining over £1 million for the passenger in a vehicle accident whose firm of solicitors did not cover personal injury cases.