Gail is a Partner in the Family team.

She specialises in high value divorce settlements between couples in the UK and those with international connections, advising on complex financial arrangements, including those involving family businesses and trusts, onshore and offshore assets and structured tax-planning arrangements. 

Her work includes advising on the care and custody of children in family disputes and obtains injunctions to prevent child abduction or domestic violence and harassment.

In addition, she supports couples who wish to preserve assets and enter into a cohabitation or prenuptial agreement.  This includes those cohabiting/un-married couples who need help to resolve a dispute over property or finance following separation.  

Gail’s clients include business owners and high-net-worth individuals who are based in the UK or who have UK links.

Recent examples of how Gail has supported clients include:

  • securing financial provision for a wife whose husband had attempted to ringfence matrimonial assets to put them beyond her reach, achieving close to a 50/50 split of three properties, a family business and a multi-million-pound pension pot;
  • achieving an equal shared care order for a father in relation to the time spent with his children and obtaining an order giving him permanent custody of their passports, in order to counter the efforts of his former wife to turn the children against him, reduce their time with him to supervised visits only and to prevent him from taking them on family holidays;
  • negotiating the settlement of financial arrangements for a wife where the matrimonial assets were significant but heavily mortgaged and where the terms of the settlement needed careful structuring to mitigate their respective capital gains tax liabilities; and
  • supporting a client in the negotiation of a prenuptial agreement with her fiancé who had sizeable assets in his sole name, on terms that ensured she and the couple’s child would be well provided for if the marriage should fail.