Glen is a Partner in the Tax & Trusts and Wills & Estates team.

His specialism is in financial arrangements supporting the long term care needs of vulnerable individuals and their families. He undertakes the necessary tax planning, creation of trusts and asset protection, including making provision for statutory wills, retirement and appointment of trustees, as well as obtaining gifting authority.

He has a particular expertise in the planning, managing and structure of financial matters related to care home funding for individuals who lack the capacity to make decisions for themselves, as well as the creation and use of trusts to manage finances and assets of individuals at risk, including personal injury trusts. Glen is a Court of Protection deputy for many vulnerable clients, holding numerous appointments as professional trustee or attorney. He regularly deals with the NHS and local authorities.

Glen advises beneficiary charities on the administration of legacies, bequests and estates, and he advises individuals on inheritance, capital gains, and income tax as part of trust administration. He also provides training and support for legacy officers.

Recent examples of how Glen has supported clients include:

  • acting as deputy for an injured child and supporting the family by administering a 24/7 care package, including investment and financial decisions, arising from a personal injury settlement capitalised at £45 million;
  • securing the s117 Mental Health Act funding for ongoing care and quality of life support for a wealthy individual, as well as the gifting of surplus income and capital to support the family, following a complex application to the Court of Protection; and
  • ensuring a vulnerable individual was no longer required to apply for regular, expensive and time-consuming court approval for funding to the principal carer, by successfully applying on their behalf to become their deputy with authority to approve payments until 2035.