Holly is a Partner in the Asset Management and Development teams.

Experienced in corporate real estate and property finance, working closely with colleagues in tax, construction and planning to conclude acquisitions and disposals development agreements, lease negotiations and occupancy arrangements.

Working for private and institutional lenders, investors, developers and occupiers across industry sectors. Holly's particular expertise is real estate in the care sector, covering children's nurseries, nursing homes, pharmacies and dental practices.

Recent examples of how Holly has supported clients include:

  • facilitating the purchase of a site comprising one dwelling for redevelopment of two separate dwellings by negotiating a conditional purchase agreement, securing planning permission and agreeing private equity funding;
  • the purchase and refurbishment of a high-value apartment by negotiating with freehold and management on onerous leasehold restrictions and complex funding and building alteration issues; and
  • ensuring a lender could proceed confidently with a developer's purchase of a site for an ice-rink by assessing complex multiple titles, restrictive covenants, extra planning checks and health and safety considerations.