Karl is a Partner in the Asset Management team.

He supports clients on all aspects of major real estate portfolios. Author and commentator on commercial leases he has written Amending a Commercial Lease (Bloomsbury Professional) and co-edited Ross: Commercial Leases (Lexis Nexis).

Clients include household names such as M&G, Telereal Trillium, JCB, Waterford Wedgwood and Thyssenkrupp.

Karl has a reputation for innovative thinking when working with clients.  He was a pioneer in the Mexican-Wave sub-contracting model which ensures efficient and cost effective working.

Recent examples of how Karl has supported clients include:

  • leading the Knights Mexican-Wave team;
  • pioneering work with the virtual assignment model allowing economic benefits derived from properties to pass without the need for a legal assignment, so economic benefits and burdens of a lease are transferred to a third party.