Lucy is an Associate in the Restructuring & Insolvency team.

She advises on contentious personal and corporate insolvency, with an emphasis on bankruptcy investigations and asset realisation, dispute resolution in relation to trusts and beneficial interests in land, contested possession proceedings and applications to effect forced property sales and the prosecution and defence of antecedent transaction claims, including transactions at an undervalue, transactions defrauding creditors and those which amount to a preference.

Her clients include insolvency practitioners in their capacity as trustee in bankruptcy or as administrator or liquidator and for individuals and company directors subject to, or implicated in, insolvency proceedings.

Recent examples of how Lucy has supported clients include:

  • establishing that there is no fee payable to the Secretary of State where bankruptcy debts and expenses are settled by a third party, even where there are monies within the bankruptcy estate that could have been used: Safier v Wardell [2017] EWHC 20 (Ch);
  • obtaining judgment against the former directors of an insolvent company who had breached their fiduciary duties and paid an unlawful dividend, thereby enabling the liquidator to obtain a six-figure personal contribution towards company debts;
  • locating and recovering significant assets for a trustee in bankruptcy which had been transferred into the name of the bankrupt’s spouse shortly before a bankruptcy order was made in order to try to put them beyond the reach of creditors; and
  • recovering assets worth £1 million for the trustee in bankruptcy of a complex estate by establishing that a trust set up to hold the assets was a sham or, alternatively, a transaction at an undervalue.