Martin is a Partner in the Family team.

Experienced in negotiating financial settlements following divorce, civil partnership dissolution or separation, and also advises on cohabitation agreements or disputes, pre- and post-nuptial agreements, and disputes concerning arrangements for children.

Working with and supporting business people and professionals protecting wealth, to farming families needing help dividing land, property or other assets when a relationship breaks down. 

Martin specialises in finding lasting, stable agreements for financial maintenance and living agreements for children, particularly when parents are unmarried or where scope for financial arrangements can seem limited.

Recent examples of how Martin has supported clients include:

  • ensuring a wife retained custody of her children by exposing the husband's fraudulent allegations against her, and successfully persuading the court he should pay court costs;
  • achieving a clean break divorce, without involving the courts, for family with high-value assets in Malaysia and Singapore while enabling the children to remain in the UK family home; and
  • successfully realising a husband's share of £3 million in marriage assets through the sale of the marital home, opposed by the wife, and achieving the maximum possible value for the house by navigating the complexities of the HS2 need-to-sell scheme.