Neil is a Partner in the Dispute Resolution team.

Working with a team at Knights which provides bulk litigation services to businesses that face numerous civil claims each year, either as a result of their size and number of employees or because of the nature of their business activity.

The team deals with insurance and contractual disputes with suppliers, staff and customers to personal injury and fatal accident claims brought by members of the public.

Experienced in devising high level corporate strategies for dispute avoidance and crisis management and providing expert opinion on complex legal matters.

Clients include Biffa, Finance houses, companies which operate captive insurance businesses and independent schools.

Recent examples of how Neil has supported his clients include:

  • coordinating the defence of high credit hire cost claims for a client with a large fleet of vehicles whose drivers are routinely implicated in RTAs involving cars driven by members of the public;
  • securing victory in the Court of Appeal for the owners of a restaurant whose claim for damages following a kitchen fire caused by a recently purchased rotisserie was disputed by the equipment supplier and kitchen installer on the basis that the criteria needed to establish breach of contract and negligence did not exist; and
  • securing the striking out of a personal injury claim in the High Court for a client who disputed liability for a road traffic accident, where the alleged victim had issued court proceedings but failed to comply with orders directing the service of evidence or with a court imposed timetable designed to get the case ready for trial.