Rachael is a Partner in the Dispute Resolution team.

Representing clients on all aspects of disputes involving land and property, ranging from landlord and tenant disputes, forfeiture, and service charge disputes, to negligence claims, agricultural disputes, trespass and co-ownership issues.  Her practice involves analysing title and boundary issues and identifying the third parties, such as a lender or landlord, who need to be dealt with.

Mediation is at the forefront of Rachael’s practice, particularly in family disputes involving trusts where issues need to be settled in a non-litigious way where possible.

Working with both residential and commercial clients nationally, including those with significant agricultural interests, and international clients with UK property portfolios who have complex property disputes in the UK. Rachael’s clients include national retail chains, landlords, parish councils, families and individuals.

Recent examples of how Rachael has supported clients include:

  • successfully recovering monies for a retail tenant following an overcharge of service charges by the landlord without due reference to the lease, and securing an agreement to vary the lease to ensure more tenant friendly covenants;
  • preventing a trespass and ongoing obstruction over a corporate client’s right of way;
  • successfully resolving a co-ownership dispute between family members by mediation over multiple properties where one of the parties sought orders for sale;
  • acting for a client and obtaining an injunction to remove an extension built by the adjoining owner in breach of a restrictive covenant not to build; and
  • successfully acting for a Borough Council as Landlord in connection with a highly contested lease renewal claim to enable redevelopment of land worth in excess of £20 million which also included remedying various planning and title issues.