Richard is a Partner in the Property Litigation team.

Richard advises on all types of property disputes including possession claims (commercial and residential), lease interpretation, lease renewals and extensions, land ownership, boundary disputes, duplication, rights of way and boundaries, and rent reviews.

Richard also practises in licensing law, assisting clients seeking applications for new licences and licence variations.

Richard's clients include individuals, small businesses and corporates such as Prudential Assurance, Hanson, and Paddy Power

Recent examples of how Richard has supported clients include:

  • enabling a cricket club to continue enjoying land used for over a century by confirming title through adverse possession at the Court of Appeal: Mitchell v Watkinson, [2013] All ER (D) 343 (Jul);
  • ensuring Power Leisure Bookmakers paid only the market rent for premises at lease renewal, by demonstrating the rent on premises offered for comparison by the landlord was not typical; and
  • enabling a mining company to retain their lease on a mothballed cement works by demonstrating occupation and an ongoing business.