Updated Government guidance has been released extending the ‘exceptional assurance period’ and confirming visa application centres in the UK and abroad (dependent on local country restrictions).

Individuals are expected to take reasonable steps to leave the UK or regularise their stay. Where this is not possible for individuals who are visas expiring between 01 November and 30 November they can request additional time to stay known as ‘exceptional assurance’. Individuals will need to submit evidence to show why they can’t leave the UK (for example a positive coronavirus test result or confirmation of flight cancellations)

Exceptional assurance acts as short term protection against any consequences after the visa has expired. During this time, applicants will not be treated as an over stayer or suffer any detriment in any future immigration applications for this consideration period.

If you would like any further information on any of the above, or would like to discuss your particular circumstances and how Knights could help, please contact a member of Knights' Immigration team.