The short answer is that it will depend upon the specific terms of the policy and, if an insured is unsure about the terms of their policy, they should speak to their broker in the first instance.

Business Interruption policies have, understandably, been the subject of much commentary in the press in recent weeks. On 12 April 2020, it was reported in The Guardian newspaper that a number of insureds are bringing action against their insurance company, Hiscox, because the insurer has refused to respond to their COVID -19 related claims. We do not know what grounds the insureds are relying on to bring their claim but, if and when the claim is issued, the legal proceedings will be scrutinised.

Will all businesses have appropriate cover?

If you would like any further information on any of the above, or would like to discuss your particular circumstances and how Knights could help, please contact a member of our Dispute Resolution team.