Due to the rising prevalence in the Community of COVID-19, the Government have announced that many of the business targeted to re-open on 1 August will now remain closed until 15 August at the earliest.

This is obviously a step that the Government considered necessary and they are clearly concerned about the rising numbers, it is though still very concerning for those businesses who had planned to re-open.

With the multiple announcements of openings, and then announcements of changes, businesses are understandably confused as to when and how they can re-open and what steps they have to take.

The latest Government guidance though contains a very helpful summary of which business can open across a number of sectors. It also has links to relevant Guidance for businesses in those sectors. The Guidance, snappily entitled ‘Guidance - Closing certain businesses and venues in England’  can be found on the .GOV.UK website

We hope that this note is helpful. Do contact Knights' Licensing team if we can assist with any specific queries. We have created a special Coronavirus Hub which contains guidance on others areas as well as Licensing. Do take a look.

The law is constantly changing and the position set out in this note may not be current. You should not rely on this note as a comprehensive statement of the law. Please contact us if you require specific legal advice on your situation.