Knights’ Corporate team has assisted the shareholders of Waldon Telecom with the sale of the company to M Group Services.

Waldon Telecom provides acquisition, design and construction services to most of the major mobile operators. It will continue to trade as a standalone brand and will enable M Group Services, who provide various broadband and mobile focused brands, to enhance its mobile offering and capitalise on the 5G rollout.

As part of the deal, the shareholders will continue to operate within the business and support its future growth.

Neale Andrews, Partner at Knights, commented: “This deal provides mutual benefit for both parties. Waldon Telecom will be able to harness the opportunities provided by M Group Services and enable it to achieve its future growth potential. We’re delighted to have played a pivotal part in concluding the deal."

Phil James, Managing Director of Waldon Telecom, added: “With Waldon’s existing telecom acquisition, design and construction capability, becoming part of M Group Services’ Telecom Division will allow us to leverage wider services that can be offered by the Group across multiple sectors. This will support our growth aspirations and allow Waldon Telecom to become a large scale, turnkey partner of choice within the mobile telecom market.

Neale Andrews and his team at Knights plc provided detailed step by step guidance and advice during the sale of our business and helped us steer the sale to a successful conclusion”.