Our team work with a range of businesses across the aviation sector including airlines, charter companies, lessors, airports, MROs, component support companies, ground handlers and insurers.

We understand the complex, highly regulated and competitive market in which you operate, as well as the legal and reputational pressures you face. We understand the industry, its risk profile and potential triggers for dispute, the market standards and industry norms which helps you ensure you don’t take risks outside of your control.

Our areas of expertise

  • Commercial contract agreement and negotiation
  • Disputes
  • Managing risks
  • Sale, purchase and leasing of aircraft and aircraft engines

A selection of our clients

AJW Group

Face-to-face negotiations with easyJet’s legal (in-house & external), procurement and engineering team leaders on a major component support logistics and supply chain agreement.


Supporting one of Europe’s leading airlines on several commercial and employment matters.


Aircraft and engine acquisition and disposal, engine tear downs, consignments and distribution arrangements.

Royal Aero GmbH

Aircraft acquisition and lease novation through lease return, conversion of the aircraft to freighter and lease of the converted aircraft to a cargo airline.


Acquisition and disposal of numerous business jets and helicopters.

Texel Air

Purchase or lease of all fleet aircraft in addition to its numerous charter and operating agreements.

Our Team

Meet our team of Aviation specialists.