Knights is conscious of its impact on the environment and is committed to making positive changes at every level of its business.

In comparison with other sectors, the Group is fortunate that its environmental impact is relatively low, but climate change is a global challenge and every business has to play its part in minimising the footprint of their operations.

We are delighted to have exceeded our three year goals to reduce our paper and energy use, albeit the long periods of lockdown make it difficult to accurately assess how this will translate into future typical years.


  • Paper: 87% lower than industry average vs 33% lower 3 year target by 2022.
  • Energy: 9% like for like reduction vs 9.9% 3 year target by 2022.


  • Hazardous Waste: 0kg
  • Recycled/Energy Recovery: 100%
Less paper used vs peer group 87%
Energy reduction per year 9%

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