Building a sustainable business that enables all its stakeholders to thrive.

Knights is committed to building a sustainable business that enables all its stakeholders to thrive: a business that minimises its impact on the environment, looks after its people and communities and operates ethically with the highest levels of governance.

Taken together, these goals form a key part of the Group’s overall drive to transform legal services away from the traditional model, and are critical to its wider investment case.

Informed by guidelines from independent agencies such as MSCI and aligning with external disclosure recommendations, including those set out by the London Stock Exchange, Knights is proud of the continued progress it has made across Environmental, Social and Governance, having initiated a strategic programme in 2020 to underscore its commitment to make a positive impact.

The Group focuses on three key pillars within its sustainability approach:

Key performance indicators

Knights’ strategic programme has introduced a strengthened framework of KPIs and goals, to monitor its impact on its people and its communities, particularly when modernising and integrating acquisitions.

  • Employee NPS +39 improved by 3 and Client NPS +75 improved by 15.

  • Gender diversity overall, including at leadership levels, reflect a strong meritocracy that is effective in creating an inclusive and diverse one team culture.

  • Used lockdown as an opportunity to accelerate paper-light working to enhance service delivery and reduce environmental impact. Like for like consumption of paper is now 87% lower than the industry average, compared to 68% a year ago, well ahead of the 3 year target set in 2019 to be 33% lower. 

  • The Group’s Anti-Money Laundering processes have been identified by external auditors as “effective with evidence of strong governance and determined leadership by the Compliance Team and the Money Laundering Reporting Officer” in a recent audit.