Andrew is a Senior Associate in the Dispute Resolution team.

Experienced in the pragmatic and cost-effective resolution of disputes, including company, partnership and director disputes, those arising out of contractual matters, claims of professional negligence (typically against solicitors, surveyors and accountants), subrogated recoveries for insurers, and personal and corporate insolvency matters.  Andrew also provides advice on property disputes, including claims of disrepair for commercial property, commercial and residential possession claims, residential building disputes, lease assignment and renewal disagreements, and boundaries, rights of way and rights of access issues.

Andrew acts for individuals, businesses and insurers and has particular expertise in the property sector.

Recent examples of how Andrew has supported clients includes:

  • securing legal recognition of a right of way to and from a client's business premises, which was being disputed by the owners of the land over which it ran and was restricting the client's ability to trade;
  • recovering over £1 million for a client who had received negligent professional advice, where the scope of the agreement with the professional advisor and the extent of the obligations owed to the client were in dispute;
  • successfully proving the existence of a commercial agreement between two business associates, under which one of them was promised certain payments and a share in the business of the other, where no formal written contract existed; and
  • defeating an application for an injunction to prevent the winding up of a company which owed significant sums of money to a client and whose director had a history of abusing the insolvency rules, and making spurious allegations, to avoid paying debts.