David is the Chief Executive Officer at Knights.

A corporate lawyer and former manager of a private equity fund, David joined Knights in 2011 with the vision to transform the business into the UK's number one regional professional services business.

David restructured the business, and became one of the first lawyers to secure external funding in 2012, to ensure financial stability and sufficient funding for growth and technology.

David leads the strategy for the business, driving it forward for:

  • Client service quality: having worked outside the legal profession and instructed lawyers and other professionals, David knows the importance of commerciality, an efficient team, clarity over costs and a prompt and responsive service;
  • Regional: with offices in thriving regional locations, Knights provides an attractive working environment for professionals and a convenient location for clients to visit.  David leads on Knights geographic expansion, acquiring offices in Birmingham, Chester, Leicester, Oxford and Manchester;
  • Professional: nurturing the team is a passion of David's and encompasses the recruitment of professionals who are a good fit for the Knights culture, coaching and mentoring them in client engagement and business skills;
  • Services: Knights offers more than legal services, as the team includes specialists in corporate finance, tax, and town planning to ensure that clients benefit from coordinated advice on major transactions and long-term projects;
  • Company: this is a corporate business, rather than a traditional partnership.  With a tight management team, it benefits from a clear strategy, sound finances and the ability to make commercial decisions quickly in the interests of clients and the business;
  • Growth: if you are disillusioned with your current firm and have ambitions to work in a forward-thinking business where you can excel, then do get in touch.  David is interested to hear from teams and individuals who would like to explore joining Knights.