David is a Partner in the Dispute Resolution team.

He specialises in resolving contractual disputes, particularly complex multi-party actions.  His cases include trading disputes such as breach of contract about payment, delivery, quality, agent compensation, misrepresentation, termination, real estate problems including service charge, rent review, break notices, restrictive covenants, trespass and rights of way issues, construction disputes, infringement of intellectual property rights and defamation.

With experience spanning fraud, professional negligence, insolvency, and disputes between partners, directors and shareholders, his clients range from small professional practices and service companies, through to real estate developers, leading retail and leisure brands employing up to 3,500 people. 

Recent examples of how David has supported clients include:

  • putting a stop to a company which had been passing itself off as a subsidiary of a leading telecoms brand, obtaining compensation for loss of revenue and damage to the reputation of the brand owner;
  • winning on behalf of 13 national businesses who were facing claims in excess of £1.7 million in the High Court;
  • saving over £4.2 million for a group of commercial tenants, whose landlord pursued a rent review claim to the High Court; and
  • defending the reputation of an international company against a product liability claim over three years, with the final judgment in our favour including full recovery of legal costs.