Harriet is a Senior Associate in the Housing Management team.

As an extremely experienced litigator having conducted litigation for both Claimants and Defendants for over 26 years, this has  provided Harriet with an excellent tactical perspective from both the Claimant and Defendant view, so is able to  ensure all Housing matters are pursued or defended actively, ensuring the best outcome for the client.

Where necessary settlements out of court or via mediation are secured, to ensure the best possible result.

Recent examples of how Harriet has supported clients include:

  • assisting with consolidating numerous outstanding highways claims against a motor insurer in a strategic push to obtain settlement;
  • reviewing and improving the claims audit and peer review system for a major insurance company to ensure compliance with service level agreements;  
  • success on a Contempt Trial following obtaining an Anti Social Behaviour Injunction for one Registered Provider , which involved numerous repeated breaches by the defendant tenant over an extensive period of time; representing the registered provider at each arrest hearing (by remote hearings as during COVID-19) and reaching an eventual successful outcome having ensured that the defendant’s disruptive behaviour ceased; and
  • maintained a successful defence on an interesting leasehold snagging claim made against an Registered Provider and additionally obtained an interim Anti Social Behaviour Injunction order for an Registered Provider whose elderly residents were suffering as the result of the defendant tenant behaviour. This interim order has made a significant improvement on the behaviour which had been causing distress to other residents for a number of years.