Jamie is a Partner in the Asset Management team.

He supports landowners and developers on new developments from the initial concept and agreement of heads of terms, through negotiation of the planning promotion or strategic land  agreements, to structuring the deal. 

He is experienced in commercial, agricultural and residential real estate transactions. He is adept at knitting together the interests of all parties, particularly where there are multiple landowners and joint venture developers.  He works closely with specialist tax advisors to ensure deals are structured most tax-efficiently, and advises clients on key protections over rights of access, services, ransom strips and overage agreements, particularly where a project is planned over multiple stages.

Once the development commences, Jamie advises on commercial leases, as well as the sale or acquisition of investment properties.

Jamie has acted on projects which include housebuilding, offices, retail, pubs and business parks. 

Recent examples of how Jamie has supported clients include:

  • selling land in Market Drayton with a unadopted road between two parcels, by structuring the deal so that each phase could be disposed of as soon as possible;
  • acquiring a commercial development site, where a health service tenant was in place prior to purchase and there was an error on the title. He negotiated a conditional purchase and pre-let agreement, which was structured so that the title could be rectified, and successfully negotiated the pre-sale of the site to an investor;
  • disposing of agricultural land for £18 million, after working with landowners on a promotion agreement, and subsequently acquiring new farmland to grow the business; and
  • helping a developer to acquire two neighbouring residential development sites, and securing the release of a restrictive covenant between the properties and thereby doubling the number of units which could be built in the scheme.