Johanne is a Senior Associate in the Employment team.

Experienced in employment contracts, grievance and disciplinary issues, small and large scale redundancy programmes arising out of business reorganisations, TUPE transfers of staff and claims of unfair dismissal, discrimination or breach of statutory employment rights.

Drafting service agreements for senior executives, confidentiality provisions and restrictive covenants and advises on the terms of post-employment settlement agreements. Johanne is also experienced in Employment Tribunal claims.

Working for employers operating across a range of sectors, including retail, financial services and education, and for senior-ranking employees and company directors.

Recent examples of how Johanne has supported clients include:

  • supporting a national retailer to bring a large team of logistics staff back in-house following the cessation of an outsourcing arrangement, and helping to secure agreement from returning employees to changes to their terms and conditions, notwithstanding TUPE, to achieve parity with existing members of staff providing comparable services;
  • supporting a national engineering company in a change-management process designed to reduce reporting lines, by overseeing the collective consultation of staff affected by a reduction in the number of available positions and therefore susceptible to redundancy;
  • successfully defending a family-owned business against claims of unfair dismissal and discrimination, brought by a former employee in the Employment Tribunal, by establishing that the decision to dismiss the employee for gross misconduct following an altercation with a senior manager was justified; and
  • renegotiating a post-employment restrictive covenant in order to enable a senior executive within the pharmaceuticals industry to leave his current employer and go to work for a competitor on less restrictive and more acceptable terms.