Julie-Ann is a Partner in the Family team.

An experienced lawyer with over 18 years of practice, she specialises in the financial consequences following a divorce or separation, in cases that involve complex elements including businesses, overseas assets and trusts. She also advises clients on asset protection, both before and after marriage.

Working for owners and directors of SME’s Julie-Ann has strong working relationships with our corporate, commercial, tax  and real estate teams to make sure all outcomes are focused on corporate efficiency and personal requirements.

Julie-Ann’s clients typically include high net worth and ultra high net worth individuals, as well as clients who sit within sectors as diverse as technology, media and telecommunication, agriculture, financial and professional services, and property management and development.

Julie-Ann also handles the more complex elements of cases involving. This includes assisting international families with relocation and worldwide living arrangements, educational arrangements and cases involving hostile parents.

Examples of how Julie-Ann has recently supported clients include:

  • Negotiating a settlement on behalf of a husband to secure his shareholding in a limited company, including a buy back the wife's shares to secure the future success of the business;
  • Advising and representing a wife whose husband had sought to put assets out of her reach with a successful s.37 injunction before the High Court to prevent assets being moved overseas and beyond the court jurisdiction;
  • Supporting a client during the negotiation and drafting of a sizable prenuptial agreement with his fiancé to protect his significant assets, including an art collection and corporate interests acquired pre-marriage;
  • Securing educational arrangements for children where the parents could not agree whether to privately educate them; and
  • Representing a land owner in a case where the farm was an inherited asset to secure the protection of the farm for the future farming generations.