Lauren is an Associate in the Mines and Minerals Team.

She works with landowners and operators in the mines and minerals sector and is experienced in dealing with a wide range of transactions from acquisitions and disposals to options and leases. This includes advising on conditional sale contracts, mineral options; mineral leases; overages and claw-back agreements.

Lauren also deals with general real estate transactions including commercial leases, agreement for leases and ancillary licences which arise as part of an operators wider property portfolio.  

Recent examples:

  • Assisting a major corporation with the acquisition of the surface for sand and gravel extraction including a mineral option and lease where the seller’s retained the minerals. This involved a complex suite of documents such as pre-emption and overage agreements and the drafting of a bespoke agreement between the seller and the buyer to deal with payments due to a third party pursuant to an existing overage.
  • Assisting a mineral operator with the acquisition of a site for expansion of their existing limestone quarry involving release of covenants, complex transfer of part, overage and pre-emption agreements.
  • Supporting private individuals on agreements for the proposed working of minerals by mineral operators on their land.