Rob is a Partner in the Planning team.

Working for local authorities, real estate developers, companies and private individuals across the country who value his understanding of the competing local and political factors, as well as his ability to devise a cost-effective strategy.  Rob has achieved planning permission for housing developments with hundreds of units, and has expertise in overcoming public inquiries and challenges in the High Court.

Rob provides training to local authority members and officers on planning policy and probity.

Recent examples of how Rob has supported clients include:

  • presenting the local authority's case at a public inquiry into unauthorised building works and use of a listed building for weddings and corporate events, successfully enforcing the inquiry decision through subsequent prosecution;
  • ensuring the survival of a meat-processing business by negotiating a significant reduction in a £2 million local authority prosecution claim; and
  • successfully advising a local authority through a contentious mix of politics, policy and public impact at an inquiry into planning refusal for an edge of town housing development.