Sean is a Partner in the Dispute Resolution team.

Working for public companies, with numerous premises, thousands of employees and large vehicle fleets, in the defence of claims relating to personal injury, road traffic accidents, public and employer liability.

While some companies send claims to Sean prior to litigation, other companies send all their claims at the outset for Sean to assess and plan the best course of action in terms of the client’s commercial objectives.  Having checked the evidence and evaluated the prospects of success, Sean advises the company on their liability.  He manages the claim through to conclusion, whether this involves seeking a settlement, or fighting a strategically important case through the courts with an eye to balancing (and recovering) legal costs.

Sean has successfully defended claims from the court of first instance through to the Court of Appeal.

Recent examples of how Sean has supported clients include:

  • reducing our client’s overall liability by £250,000 in a catastrophic injury claim, by achieving early resolution on an amicable basis with significant savings on damages and keeping liability for costs to a minimum;
  • avoiding a potential liability for £200,000 after a catastrophic incident in the workplace, through analysis of the evidence and maintaining a robust rebuttal of liability;
  • successfully defending a restaurant owner from a claim by a guest who suffered serious spinal injuries, avoiding multi-million-pound liabilities in damages and legal costs;
  • forcing a national credit-hire business to obtain an appropriate licence and amend non-compliant business practices, after a dispute went to the Court of Appeal where all costs were recovered for our client; and
  • massively reducing the liability for damages and legal costs through the strategic use of an offer to settle a £100,000 claim.