Suzanne is a Partner in the Wills & Estates and Tax and Trusts teams.

Suzanne has over 20 years of experience in wealth management and asset protection through the utilisation of tax reliefs and exemptions, the creation of tax efficient wills, the establishment of trusts and settlements, and succession strategies for the transfer of business, agricultural and property interests.

In addition, Suzanne advises on estate administration, providing support with tax returns, applications for probate and administration, the administration and distribution of estate assets, preparation of estate accounts and variations of a will to mitigate inheritance tax liability, and lasting powers of attorney.

Advising private individuals and families in the South Yorkshire, Peak District and Derbyshire region.

She advises high-net-worth individuals, farming families and those with significant inherited wealth or commercial interests.

Recent examples of how Suzanne has supported clients include:

  • developing a tax efficient strategy for a multi-million pound business owner to incorporate succession planning, whilst protecting the assets and providing security for the future of their family.
  • advising and assisting the executors of a complex estate to ensure that they claimed all the requisite inheritance tax reliefs available, including agricultural and business property relief.
  • acting as a trustee for a complex family settlement, involving 47 beneficiaries, advising the other trustees as to their powers and responsibilities which derive from the settlement deeds.
  • administering an estate that involved complex foreign assets in numerous differing countries to ensure that the UK beneficiaries interests were protected.
  • preparing the most tax efficient will for a client with assets invested in foreign trusts, with UK business assets and involving children from different relationships, advising upon the best way to try to reduce the risk of a potential future claim upon the estate.