Tim is a Consultant in the Dispute Resolution team.

He has represented aviation insurers, airlines and manufacturers through his international practice encompassing Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America.

Among other accomplishments, he was responsible for pioneering the use of the common law injunction to restrain forum shopping following aviation disasters.

Tim is heavily involved in high-profile aviation disaster work, regularly acting for aircraft operators and multi-national aviation product manufacturers.

He originally trained as a commercial pilot at BOAC. Tim is one of the founding members of the Lawyers Flying Association and maintains a current pilot's license and instrument rating. He is also a member of the Guild of Pilots and Air Navigators.

Examples of how Tim has supported clients include:

  • Dealing with multi-jurisdictional passenger liability claims arising from an accident involving European and US tourists in the African Bush and successfully pursuing recovery of losses arising on behalf of the operator and their insurers.
  • Acting for a major Brazilian helicopter operator and their insurers in relation to the total loss of an AW139 engaged on offshore missions, including liaising with accident investigation authorities and pursuing recovery of passenger and third party settlements arising.
  • Handling the aftermath of the mid-air collision over Uberlingen, Southern Germany between a DHL Boeing 757 and a Baskirian Airlines TU-154, together with criminal proceedings brought by the Public Prosecutor in Zurich against Skyguide, on behalf of the Russian and London insurance markets involved.
  • Appointment as an expert by the European Parliamentary Assembly to advise on the civil and criminal liability issues arising from the accident at Smolensk involving the death of President Kaczynski and other members of the Polish Government and participating in and presenting papers at hearings in Paris convened by PACE (Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe).
  • Analysing and presenting the technical case for noise nuisance and other ecological considerations resulting from modified airspace architecture and associated GPS approaches to a major UK airport.
  • Acting for the Government of Malta and their Insurers in relation to the criminal investigation and subsequent civil litigation arising from the Lockerbie disaster in 1988.
  • Participating in the investigation into the Concorde loss in Paris in 2000 and subsequently handling the parallel criminal and civil proceedings on behalf of Goodyear and their Insurers.