Wendy is a Partner in the Tax & Trusts and Wills & Estates teams.

Specialising in advising individuals on their estate planning, Wendy assists clients with mitigating inheritance tax and capital gains tax, planning for the cost of care fees, advising on business succession, and putting in place both personal and business Lasting Powers of Attorney to avoid possible difficulties in decision making in the future.

Wendy also has extensive probate administration experience, including handling estates with agricultural property and business property, as well as cross-border elements.

She acts as trustee, executor and attorney in her professional capacity, providing specialist and independent services where required.

Examples of how Wendy has supported clients include:

  • advising on a client’s domicile to assess qualification for spouse exemption from inheritance tax in the UK;
  • administering a high value estate with cross border issues, including preparing a deed of variation creating a significant inheritance tax saving and aligning the devolution of the estate with the deceased’s wishes, where the deceased had not had the opportunity to prepare a Will;
  • assisting an attorney with challenges to her attorneyship, avoiding potentially costly and lengthy proceedings with the Court of Protection;
  • preparing an inheritance tax report and subsequent application for the relevant reliefs for the family of a deceased with complex lifetime transfers and gifts; and
  • advising a couple on their business succession including cross option agreements to ensure that both sides of the family were provided for in the way in which the clients’ wished.