Chairman's Introduction

The Board recognises the importance of high standards of corporate governance as the basis for promoting long-term growth for the benefit of all of the Group’s stakeholders.

As Chairman, I am responsible for leading the Board to ensure that it has in place the strategy, people, structure and culture to deliver value to its stakeholders, and for ensuring that the governance arrangements that the Group has in place are proportionate and appropriate for size and the constitution of the Board and the complexity of the business. In accordance with the AIM rules the Group has elected to comply with the principles set out in the Corporate Governance Code for small and mid-sized companies published by the Quoted Companies Alliance in April 2018 (the QCA Code) as the basis of its governance framework.

The underlying principle of the QCA Code is to “ensure the Company is managed in an efficient, effective and entrepreneurial manner for the benefit of all shareholders over the longer term”.

As a Board, we are committed to providing the leadership required to ensure that the culture that is so integral to the success of the business is embedded within the business and work hard to engage with employees and other key stakeholders to ensure that this healthy corporate culture continues to be delivered through open and honest dialogue and we are delighted to set out below how we comply with the QCA Code.

Balbinder Johal, Chairman