Louise is a Partner in the Asset Management team.

She specialises in large and complex ground rent acquisitions, property-related aspects of corporate transactions, including deal structure, landlord obligations and plot sales.  She manages a 35-strong ground rents team, one of the largest in the country.

Her key client is Long Harbour, an investment fund that bridges the gap between illiquid asset classes, often with high barriers to entry, and institutional investors seeking to deploy capital into investment grade and income-generating assets.

She supports clients on management of all the legal issues which arise as a result of being a landlord, ranging from the sale of a leasehold to consent for a pet, or concluding a deed of variation.

Recent examples of how Louise has supported clients include:

  • property due diligence involved in the corporate sale of an SPV consisting over 8000 units to a large institutional investor;
  • acquisition of a portfolio of freehold and leasehold properties consisting over 1000 units
  • devising an innovative solution to enable property transactions to be completed in time for a key house builder reporting deadline;
  • liaising with Knights' Construction team on warranties given from house builders or developers when acquiring large freehold and long leasehold property portfolios; and
  • working with Knights' Dispute resolution team to resolve a right-to-light claim.